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Site News: Sportress Of Blogitude’s Vacation

Listen up, dear readers. Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger-Man, Weed Against Speed, is going on vacation. That’s right, your truly is channeling his inner Griswold, packing up the Family Truckster, loading up the whole famn damily in it and heading West. Why? I cannot say. Where am I going? You cannot know. How will I get there? I already told you – the Family Truckster. Pay attention.

Granted, Sportress of Blogitude’s Vacation won’t be close to as funny as National Lampoon’s Vacation, mostly because I’m not that funny and even if I were, I do not plan on writing the next few days. The Sportress will return to a full-time schedule on Tuesday, although if time permits, I might sneak in a post or two or even re-post some of my personal favorites from the archives while I’m out of town, but that will depend on internet availability and motivation. Until then, I bid you adieu and best wishes. Be good and have a great rest of the week. I know I will.

Note: in the future, I would prefer to not let the Sportress go dormant for an extended period of time when I am unfortunately unavailable to write, so if anyone out there with some semblance of writing experience would be interested in contributing, shoot me an e-mail at I already have a few folks in mind for the next time I travel, but that doesn’t mean all the slots are filled. I should point out that I cannot offer you a decent wage, but I would be happy to pay you at least what I get paid per post, which is nothing. Nah, just kidding. The level of compensation can of course be negotiated. Lemme know. But for now, Go West, young man.