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Who In The Hell Thought A Hockey Musical Movie Was A Good Idea? Morons, That’s Who

I use this line a lot but never has it been so fitting and so perfectly articulating of what I am thinking right now about the film (from Canada, of course), Score: A Musical:


Via Puck Daddy:

“Score: A Hockey Musical” has been on our radar since it was reported that Olivia Newton-John was going to be in the cast as a hockey mom; which naturally stirred nostalgic feelings of seeing her saunter into practice in a leather outfit and purring “tell me about it, stud” to the bewildered coach. It gives us chills. They’re multiplying.

The trailer for this potential camp masterpiece is out and the thing looks like equal parts “Glee,” “High School Musical” and the worst “Mighty Ducks” sequel never produced. (Oh, to have heard the dramatic torch song Goldie the Goalie could have belted in an empty concession stand.)

Hoo boy. Wysh has a bunch of other interesting nuggets regarding the afterbirth of celluloid, but try as he might, Wysh cannot explain why the people behind this project do not deserve to be drawn and quartered while simultaneously being forced to watch episodes of Cop Rock (here’s the intro to that abomination of a television show, which features Randy Newman and when featuring Randy Newman singing the theme song is the best thing going for a show, it’s in big, big trouble).


Video: Try not to cringe at the ‘Score: A Hockey Musical’ trailer [Puck Daddy]