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Jason Alexander Stops Shilling For Jenny Craig To Issue Statement On Steinbrenner

Of course, George Steinbrenner made only one appearance on Seinfeld which ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor and was never broadcasted, but Alexander, by virtue of portraying George Costanza, will always intrinsically be tied to the recently deceased Yankees owner. Alexander’s statement on his passing (via The Fabulous Forum):

“I met the real George Steinbrenner on only one occasion when he actually came and played himself on an episode of ‘Seinfeld.’ He seemed to really enjoy himself. I did not get to know him, but the fact that he allowed himself and his beloved team to be satirized on our show is an indication to me of his true character.

“He was certainly a legend and I am pleased to have been associated with him, even if only in fiction. My sympathies to his family, friends and fans.”

A very classy statement, which I am sure Alexander was more than happy to issue, given the fact that it can’t hurt Alexander’s desperate search for some legitimate acting work.


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