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Gentleman Gaiting Gingerly After Getting Gored In Gonads

Hey, Barney’s movie had heart, but “Bull’s Horn to the Groin” had a bull’s horn to the groin.

In the multitude of ways the words “scrotum,” “bullfighter” and “gored” can be combined to make a sentence, “Bullfighter gored in scrotum” might perhaps be the most squirm-inducing. Actually, any combination of the those three words would likely result in the reactionary crossing of the legs followed by the sweet relief that one did not suffer the same fate as renowned bullfighter Julian Lopez Escobar.

You see, Escobar endured the traumatic experience of having an enraged (rightfully so, I might add) bull violently plunge the pointed projection of its integumentary system straight smack dab into his man parts during Spain’s San Fermin festival, which also includes the multiple Darwin Award-winning exercise in idiocy, the “Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona. Via an AP report:

Renowned bullfighter Julian Lopez Escobar, known professionally as “El Juli,” was discharged from hospital Tuesday after being gored in the scrotum during a bullfight. He has recovered enough to headline the final and most important fight of this year’s festival, the government of Navarra said.

Yamma hamma. I can’t imagine that a “scrotum gore” ranks high up on the lists of injuries that a bullfighter would like to experience, although I cannot think of an injury that could be sustained as particularly pleasant when one is foolish enough to climb into an enclosure with a scared and unpredictable bull while wearing a fancy outfit with only a red cape as one’s sole means of defense.  At the same time, Scrotum Gore would be a pretty cool name for a gay death metal band. Maybe.

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