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Could This ‘John Daly Being John Daly’ At The British Open Be The Best Photo Ever?

I vote yes. The guy truly is a gift that keeps on giving. He has a look on his face that says, “I’m listening to stupid in stereo.” Either that, or “Sweet Christ. I can’t friggin’ believe how nasty the Guinness fart Padraig just cut smells. Stings the nostrils.” No matter what caused that look on Daly’s face, if I ever had the chance, I would say this to the man: John Daly – shine on, you crazy, garishly-dressed diamond.

Wei Under Par writer Kevin Merfield speculates that all Daly needs to get out of his bleary-eyed funk is a drink. I would suggest a blood transfusion and some hot wings from Hooters might be necessary as well.

A quart of Blue Cheese dressing and an extra side of Buffalo sauce, stat! Don’t you die on me, Johnny Boy!

Somebody Get John Daly a Beer [Wei Under Par]