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Brett Favre Opens Up In Interview With Men’s Journal, Says Swear Word For Poop

I know what you’re thinking: Brett Favre swears? I know! He’s a good old Southern boy! Crazy.

In an expansive interview with Men’s Journal writer Stephen Rodrick, who was given unprecedented access to the grizzled, just-having-fun-out-there veteran at his palatial estate (with well-manicured lawn) in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The issue of Men’s Journal which contains the interview won’t be available until Friday, but Access Vikings got their hands on an advanced copy. Some highlights follow:

— Favre talked in detail about the loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship game and his interception at the end of regulation when he forced a pass to Sidney Rice by throwing across the field.

“The previous week against the Cowboys, we did the same exact play to Rice,” Favre told Rodrick. “We were up about 25 at the time, so it was different. He came back to me on a broken play, and we got 20 yards. This time, when I let it go, I’m thinking he’s going to come back to me. As he drifted farther and farther away, I could see the corner come in from the other side, and I’m thinking, Oh, shit.”

“As a player you’ve got to pull the trigger,” Favre added. “You can’t say, Well, is he going to do what I think he’s going to do? He wasn’t wrong, and in some ways, I wasn’t either.”

Favre was criticized for taking a gamble at such a crucial time. Rodrick wrote: “Some say it’s the Football Gods settling the score for his yearly tease.”

Responded Favre to the criticism: “They were the same people who said I’d suck all season. I don’t worry about that. A lot of plays go into a game; that was just one of them.”

However, Rodrick writes that Favre brought the subject up again a different day.

“Sometimes I say to myself, An interception? A whole year of making great decisions and it ends on an intercep­tion? You have got to be kidding me.”

As a Vikings fan who was once tortured by Brett Favre and despising him during his career with the Packers and then worshiping the guy last season and then once again feeling tortured by his gunslinging mentality during the NFC Championship game last January, I must say this has the chance to be as compelling of a profile on Favre that has ever been done.

But more important than any of that stuff is this: what is he planning on wearing to the ESPYs tonight? That’s what we all really want to know, right? It better be a Canadian Tuxedo specially designed for him by Wrangler, that’s all I’m saying.

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