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Terrell Owens Is Concerned He Is Now Perceived As The NFL’s Woody Woodpecker


Kramer: You got a problem with Woody Woodpecker?
George: Yeah, what is he? Some sort of an instigator?
Kramer: That’s right. He’s a troublemaker.

In comments made to and reported by the Associated Press, Terrell Owens believes that the only reason no NFL team has signed him is due to the perception that he’s some kind of troublemaker, a label which is obviously a gross misconception, but only if you happen to live in the Bizarro World.

Owens told The Associated Press on Tuesday that his season in Buffalo proved he won’t be a distraction. Owens insists his statistics from 2009 are deceiving because the Bills dealt with coaching upheaval and offensive line injuries. The 36-year-old believes he can still be an elite NFL receiver.

Owens says talk that he has unrealistic salary demands is untrue. He’s comfortable waiting until after training camp starts to sign with a team.

Jeez, everybody feel sorry for poor, poor Terrell Owens. Not only is he the NFL’s version of Woody Woodpecker, with his sad tale of woe and rotten luck, he could also double as football’s Charlie Brown. AAUGH!! indeed.

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