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Buck Showalter Pays Himself Compliment While Eulogizing Steinbrenner

As the many accolades and thoughts continue to be issued from colleagues concerning the sad passing of George Steinbrenner – from MLB dignitaries, colleagues, players who had the honor of donning the Yankee pinstripes, those who were somehow touched by the Yankees owner and even his former managers, who generally had an adversarial relationship with “The Boss” during their tenure with the team, it is clear the great man will be remembered fondly by them each and every one of them.

Current ESPN analyst Buck Showalter, who spent his entire minor league playing career in the Yankees organization and managed the big league squad for four seasons from 1992-1995, relayed a statement to Bob Hille a brief piece regarding the death of George Steinbrenner for the Sporting News. While most of it is nice enough, Showalter does take a brief moment to brag and slap himself on the back for never getting fired by Steinbrenner.

I was one of the managers he never fired. I resigned because he wanted to get rid of my coaches. He knew where people’s buttons were, and mine were loyalty to my coaches.

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