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Jocular Jester Jimmy Jump Jacked After Jig Onto Pitch To Jostle World Cup Trophy

Soccer fan nutjob extraordinaire Jimmy Jump, who has developed quite the notorious reputation for his many brazen attempts at gaining access to the field of play during soccer matches in Europe, performed his grandest stunt and was perhaps the highlight of the day shortly after Spain defeated the Netherlands by a score of 1-0 to win their first World Cup in an otherwise ho-hum, lackluster culmination of a month’s worth of thrilling action.

Via Reuters:

Wearing a red hat and a T-shirt that read “Jimmy Jump against racism” the man managed to slip through tight security and raced on to the pitch in front of close to 90,000 spectators at the Soccer City stadium.

Several security men and stewards managed to wrestle him to the ground as he was about to snatch the trophy, positioned on a stand just inside the touchline.

He was carried away by seven security men as the teams of Netherlands and Spain were about to walk on to the pitch for the national anthems and the start of the final.

Well, if a person who goes by the name Jimmy Jump is against racism, how stupid are racists feeling right now about their bigoted, hateful attitudes? Jimmy Jump just totally burned you racist bastards.

Video of Jimmy Jump getting jacked follows.

You know, Jimmy Jump? You’re not half bad. Your cockeyed optimism is exactly the elixir this world needs. Sure, he lacks the frenetic energy of other noted publicity seekers who attempt to co-opt large events for their own self-promotion  – Michael Portnoy, a/k/a Soy Bomb, for example – but nevertheless, I’m digging  the cut of your jib, good sir. Shine on Jimmy Jump, you crazy diamond.

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