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It Would Have Been Alright To Be The Meat In This Shakira-Charlize Theron Sandwich

Sweet mercy. To be sure, there are certainly fates far worse than having the opportunity of sidling up between these two blond bombshells and sharing in their celebration after the closing ceremonies of the World Cup, but unfortunately, the moment has passed and it was not to be. Sigh.

Shakira kindly uploaded this photo to twitpic of the two beauties having a hug. Of course, both Shakira and Charlize Theron played large roles in the just completed 2010 FIFA World Cup. As a native South African, Theron represented her homeland well when she participated in the draw which placed the 32 teams in their respective groups back in December. Further, I am sure the talented and lovely actress was tremendously proud of the wonderful job her country did at holding the global event.

Shakira, on the other hand, was the World Cup’s official chanteuse. Her song, “Waka Waka” was chosen as the official anthem of the tournament and she performed the song at both the opening and closing ceremonies.

But ultimately, what’s most important is that that we take a moment to thank the gods for creating a confluence of events whereby such a heavenly pair had the chance to meet up and share a warm embrace. Homina homina homina. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

Shakira, Spain Triumph At World Cup [Billboard]
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