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Chris Berman Receives Another Award For Long Career Of Annoying The Hell Out Of Us

Jesus! It’s like nobody else has ever worked in sports TV before! Jesus! It’s so rude! It’s just so goddamn rude! Jesus!

Apologies for two consecutive Chris Berman-related posts in a row, but big news has been disseminated from up high on Mount Bristol:

Chris Berman is the 2010 recipient of the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award which most years pays tribute to “long-time exceptional contributions to radio and television in professional football.” Berman will receive the award during the Enshrinees Dinner on August 6th in Canton, Ohio. Previous winners of the award include Curt Gowdy, Pat Summerall, Frank Gifford, Jack Buck, Dick Enberg, John Madden and Lesley Visser.

Lesley Visser?

From ESPN Media Zone:

Said Berman: “I embraced pro football a long time ago. I am honored and humbled beyond belief that pro football, in turn, has embraced me. To have my name associated with Pete Rozelle’s in any way, shape or form is an honor that I take very much to heart.”

“With a signature style and genuine enthusiasm, Chris has informed and entertained millions of football fans as the face of ESPN’s coverage of the National Football League for more than three decades, and we are thrilled that one of our company’s pioneers will take his place among the sport’s most important contributors,” added ESPN President George Bodenheimer.

Well done, Berminator. The accolades this guy has been receiving lately for his work on ESPN is astounding. First, he received the Pat Summerall Award last September. Then it was a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this year. Now this? In all honesty, his work on the NFL is about the only time Berman is tolerable, so I guess when you continue to plug away, don’t try anything too risky (on camera, that is) and continue to use the same tired shtick year after year after year, good things can happen. While I am specifically referring to his career as an NFL broadcaster, I guess you could say the same goes for his ways with the ladies. For some reason or another, chicks dig Berman. It’s a fact. He probably nails more ass in one year than the future serial killer son of a donkey farmer wielding a hammer.  Wow. That previous statement was certainly a reach. And a disturbing one at that. Yikes.

ESPN’s Chris Berman to Receive 2010 Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award From Pro Football Hall of Fame [ESPN Media Zone]
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