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What The Heck? A PGA Tour Player Got Busted For Weed?

"I could fashion this trophy into a totally righteous bong, bro!"

Sweet mercy, what is this world coming to? We have come to expect pot busts from athletes from other professional sports – in fact, it is almost a common occurrence nowadays – but a golfer? That’s kooky talk!

As kooky as it may sound, it is in fact a legitimate story: PGA Tour rookie Matt Every was arrested at an Iowa casino the day before he was to compete in the John Deere Open in Silvis, Illinois and charged with possession of marijuana, something the golfer denies. From an AP report:

He was among three men arrested Tuesday in a room at the Isle Casino Hotel in nearby Bettendorf, Iowa.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Scott County Jail. He was freed Tuesday night after posting bond.

In a statement released by his management firm, Every apologized for showing poor judgment but denied having any marijuana in his possession. He said he pleaded not guilty.

Well, I suppose a person is innocent until proven guilty, but I can see something like this happening. I mean, professional golfer or not, he was hanging out a casino somewhere in the middle of freaking Iowa. You can’t blame the guy for trying to up the enjoyment ante, so to speak, one could experience at an Iowa casino by toking on some herb, right? In any event, Every should just pay the paltry fine and move on. What do you mean pot possession warrants life in prison in Iowa? That can’t be right, can it? Stop trying to harsh my mellow, dude.

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