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Nary A Mention Of Poop Peeing Out Of Him: Buzz Bissinger Goes On Radio, Talks LeBron

Of course, that post title is a reference to Buzz’s epic rant during his appearance on Costas Now when he mercilessly hammered on Deadspin Editor Emeritus Will Leitch and used the classic line, “it really pisses the shit out of me.” Good times. Heady times.

But I digress. Unfortunately for us but fortunately for Buzz’s relationship with the FCC, he managed to keep it clean when he appeared on Fox Sports Radio in Los Angeles, but to say he was happy with his co-author’s (Buzz co-wrote the LeBron James’ biography, Shooting Stars with the basketball player) decision would be woefully inaccurate. To wit (via Sports Radio Interviews):

“Yeah, I mean, I found it frankly disgusting and it was simply not the LeBron James…look, I don’t know him that well, but I spent time with him, I spent a lot of time with the people around him, and when I spent time with him for the book, he was grounded and down to earth and had a certain humility. And then I feel this whole free agency thing was handled terrible. Whether it was appearing with Larry king during the NBA Playoffs, whether it was not talking to Tom Izzo, whether it was making all these grown men grovel at his feet in Cleveland and Akron and then culminating in one of the most boring hour and fourteen minutes of television that I’ve ever seen, I didn’t buy it and I don’t think it helped him.”

Preach on, Buzz. Preach on. Although it’s not the same without the white-hot rage which typifies a majority of Buzz’s commentary. I mean, have you ever checked out his Twitter account? It’s enthralling. Even better, there’s a whole lot of Buzz calling people Douche Juices, which is quite the endearing term…for someone you hold beneath contempt, which I think characterizes Buzz’s general feelings about every single person he comes into contact with – something I greatly admire.

Buzz Bissinger Doesn’t Quite Recognize The LeBron James He Once Worked With [Sports Radio Interviews]