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Look Out, Paul The Octopus Oracle, Mani The Psychic Parakeet Is Taking A Run At You

Parakeet VS. Octopus…WHO YA GOT??

It’s certainly a tough call – if we’re talking a no-holds-barred physical battle, I guess it would all depend on the location of said battle, water or dry land. But if we’re talking World Cup predictions, that is even tougher to determine.

I’ll allow the AFP to fill you in on the details:

The bird, named Mani, has rapidly gained cult status among gambling-mad soccer fans who have been flocking to its owner’s shop in Singapore’s Little India district in the hope of winning big.

Local media reports said Mani used its beak to pick a card bearing the flag of the Netherlands over one with Spain’s national colours.

“With the World Cup in its final stage, Mani is now literally the talk of the town — and many are going with its prediction of the Dutch team winning its first-ever World Cup title,” Channel NewsAsia said on its website.

It said Mani and its owner, astrologer M. Muniyappan, used to see about 10 customers on an average day but now they entertain the same number in just one hour.

Dubbed “magical bird” and “homegrown psychic parakeet” by the local media, Mani accurately predicted the outcome of the game in which Spain won over Germany to set the showdown with the Netherlands, which beat Paraguay.

I don’t know, man. I think I’m sticking with Paul the Octopus. I cannot say for certain, but I’m thinking this whole psychic parakeet story is for the birds.

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