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LeBron James Buttwipe? LeBron James Buttwipe

Some enterprising entrepreneur who markets his wares at eBay has come up with a brilliant – and likely profitable – way of capitalizing on the bitterness felt by the Cleveland fans regarding their native son hightailing it out of town and the utter contempt they feel for the now expatriate.

I doubt the above product could have help Cavaliers fans when they crapped their pants after hearing the announcement last night, but in the future, any time nature calls at least they can have the satisfaction of wiping their butts with LeBron James toilet paper.

It’s the little things that can make all the difference. And speaking of small things, LeBron James is the dingleberry on the metaphorical ass which represents how it feels to be a Cleveland Cavaliers fan right about now. Or something like that. I just wanted to make a dingleberry joke. Did it work?

[H/T Steady Burn]