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Don’t Be Ashamed If You Become Sexually Aroused During The Home Run Derby

Apparently, it’s a perfectly natural response to the over-hyped, useless spectacle that is the Home Run Derby, so no need to feel bad about it. At least that’s what I gather from an interview ESPN Radio guy Jon Sciambi did with Bob Kimball of USA Today regarding the upcoming event.

The home run is still sexy … no matter what anybody wants to say,” says Jon Sciambi, who will anchor the contest for ESPN Radio from Anaheim, Calif. (Monday, 8 p.m. ET).

Sciambi’s co-anchor, Dave Campbell, agrees:

“I know it’s ESPN television’s highest-rated event of the year in baseball. I think it’s more for the younger people. I don’t think the young people are into the strategy … as much as they are certain exciting parts of the game.”

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. You have one guy saying the Home Run Derby is sexy and his cohort claiming it’s more for the younger people? I’m sorry, but that, as Joe Buck (who is pictured above in a nightmare fuel of a panel – seriously, Buck, Steve Phillips, Joe Morgan and the Bermanator? Ay yay yay) would likely agree, is a disgusting act. Shame on you, ESPN.

Come on, I’m just kidding around. Of course, I am just messing around. Obviously, the folks at ESPN are not guilty of being involved with child pornography. Well, some are, but that’s a different story altogether.

Finally, I think we all learned a few things here:

  1. Home Run Derby: sexy
  2. Providing play-by-play for a friggin’ Home Run Derby on the radio: unsexy
  3. The presence of Erin Andrews in any way, shape or form at the Home Run Derby: oh, you better believe that’s sexy

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