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Time For A Bulletproof Aquarium: Paul The Octopus Oracle Received Death Threats

I wonder if Paul, the World Cup match-predicting octopus from Germany who has become one of the bigger celebrities to emerge during the tournament, saw this coming: in light of his amazing accuracy in predicting outcomes of matches – much to the dismay of fellow countrymen (countrypus?), Paul correctly chose Spain to beat Germany in the semifinals.

But Paul’s troubles began even before he made that ill-fated, yet accurate, prediction. Evidently, some enraged Argentinians, whose team Paul correctly predicted would be ousted by Germany in the quarterfinals, appear to take the so-called soothsaying skills of a cephalopod mollusk way too seriously. In fact, so much so that some of themĀ  have allegedly resorted to sending death threats to the octopus.

Via The Telegraph:

Having accurately predicted that Germany would beat Argentina in the quarter-finals, Paul faced the wrath of angry Argentinian supporters who have blamed the octopus for their World Cup exit and expressed a desire to eat him in an act of vengeance.

But Paul’s keeper Oliver Walenciak remains confident that the octopus will continue performing his remarkable act for years to come from the safety of his tank in Oberhausen as opposed to the dinner table.

He said: “There are always people who want to eat our octopus but he is not shy and we are here to protect him as well. He will survive.”

Crazy stuff. I mean, how are you going to rub out an octopus anyway? They all have nine freaking brains. Throw in the fact that this one can see the future and you got no chance. Crazy Argentinians.

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