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Michelle Wie Cards An 82 At U.S. Women’s Open, So Here Are Some Sexy Photos Of Her

And yes, I believe the rationale employed to get from “Michelle Wie Had A Bad Round” to “Ooh! I’ll do a gallery of sultry photos of her…” is perfectly appropriate. And like any of you were going to argue anyway. Pervs.

The best photos are yet to come, but if I do say so myself, the one above of Michelle Wie struggling through her first round of the U.S. Women’s Open at Oakmont earlier today ain’t half bad, ain’t half bad at all.

An 11-over 82 is certainly not what Wie envisioned, but Oakmont is set up in such a way that Miss Wie will not be the last golfer this week to succumb to the course’s treacherous design.

A selection of quotes from the shell-shocked Wie (via an AP report on Yahoo!):

“There was nothing I could do,” Wie said.

“Mostly I think it was my putting that got me,” she said. “It felt like my irons were good and my wedges were good. I just need to put it in the fairway so I can hit those.”

“They’re pretty tough,” Wie said of Oakmont’s wickedly fast greens. “You just can’t be above the hole, like I did the first hole. I hit a good putt and you just leave yourself 4-5 footers and then you miss a couple. Hopefully (on Friday) I’ll make all the putts I missed today.”

“I try not to get (frustrated),” Wie said. “This was kind of one of those days where nothing goes as planned. But I felt better coming in, so hopefully it starts off on the right foot. I’ll try to go for some birdies and try to (play) on the weekend.”

She sure sounds like she has been well-programmed, doesn’t she? Very Tiger-esque. And boy, do I know how that goes. Not the part where a person can keep their emotions in check after a terrible round of golf, but, you know, about how it feels to hit a 12-over…and that’s usually before I get to the tee box on the first par 3. Zing.

Thankfully for you guys, as mentioned above, I have seized this opportunity (Michelle Wie not playing well at the U.S. Women’s Open) and turned it into something positive (provocative photos!).  As regular readers of the Sportress are aware, I have been closely monitoring and chronicling the happenings occurring over at Wie’s personal blog, A Black Flamingo, for some time now. It is a very interesting blog filled with her artwork, favorite recipes and somewhat sultry personal photography projects, among other things. I thought what better time to raid the Sportress archives for all the best photos I have culled from A Black Flamingo (and a random one of her eating a banana as well) and put them into one cohesive gallery? Enjoy!

So, this gallery is a meaningless, pandering act, you say? Maybe so, but maybe, just maybe, Miss Wie will see this post and it will motivate her to be as dominant on the golf course as she is alluring in self-shot-photographs. It’s possible.

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