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Marauding Media Whorde Descends Upon Tiny Connecticut Hamlet


Unlike anything the city of Greenwich has ever experienced nor will ever see again, the media has taken the town by storm in anticipation of THE BIGGEST SPORTING EVENT EVER!11!!1!!!

Reporting live, on-the-scene newshound Jeff Valin of FOX CT:

Less than 11 hours to go before LeBron James goes live nationwide to announce his playing destination from the Boys & Girls Club in Greenwich, the media presence across the street from the Club is that befitting a visit from Barack Obama.

But we’re not expecting a president, we’re awaiting a King. Inside the club it appeared business as usual this morning: teens and pre-teens scurrying about, seemingly unaware or at least unaffected by the impending royal presence. But shortly after this reporter went inside to request a sound bite from club staff, the doors were locked. Fox Connecticut, ESPN, and the cadre from the network affiliates in New York would have to wait outside the building.

Oh, to be a sports journalist for legitimate media at this moment. I imagine getting the LeBron James “The Decision” assignment is akin to being embedded with a platoon in a war zone. The adrenaline rush must be intoxicatingly exhilarating, like washing down a bottle of NoDoz with a Jet Fuel Martini. Or something that sounds as badass.

The LeBron James Scene Live From Greenwich [Hartford Courant]