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Chris Carter Rips Vikings WR Sidney Rice, Illustrates Why He Shouldn’t Talk So Much

Entering his fourth NFL season for the Minnesota Vikings and coming off a career year (83 receptions, 1,312 yards, 8 touchdowns), one would assume that Sidney Rice wouldn’t have to deal with criticism regarding his work ethic. Too bad Chris Carter is around to seize the opportunity to bloviate endlessly when he feels like he isn’t getting treated with the proper respect.

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is currently holding his annual summer workout program in the Twin Cities on the University of Minnesota campus. Known to be a physically tormenting event consisting of grueling conditioning exercises, Fitzgerald’s camp has attracted many high profile athletes as both participants and mentors, including the best who ever played the position of wide reciever, Jerry Rice, and is modeled after the offseason conditioning program Chris Carter strictly adhered to during his 16-year NFL career, which helped him become one of the all-time greats to ever play the position of wide receiver.

Rice attended “Camp Fitzgerald” last year, and has credited it – as well as some stern words from Chris Carter while he was there – for helping him make the transition from average wide receiver to putting up Pro Bowl numbers. Unfortunately, Rice was nowhere to be found this week, something that caught the eye of Carter, who subsequently got a little sand in his vagina when asked about it.

Via Access Vikings:

“I don’t know,” Carter said. “You have to ask him. I don’t know what it’s like to have one good year and then disappear. I don’t know what it’s like. That’s on him. I really don’t know. … If I had that kind of impact on him he should have been here today.”

Carter’s response prompted another media member to ask if he is mad that Rice has not returned to workout with the group.

“I don’t look mad do I?” he said. “I don’t get mad about kids coming or not coming. Larry is the only one who invited me…”

Carter may have not looked angry but he sure as hell sounds like he’s a bit bitter about it. Perhaps Carter has a point to some extent, but he also has no idea what Sidney Rice is or is not doing to prepare himself for the upcoming season. Since that is the case, he would be better served if he were to shut his piehole. Carter was always known for his fiery personality both on and off the field during his playing days – he would often get in Randy Moss’ face when he sensed his mercurial protege was half-assing it – but ever since he retired and became a loudmouthed media member, his shtick is sometimes too much take. As a self-loathing Vikings fan (is there any other kind), I sincerely appreciate and can attest to all that Chris Carter gave to the sport and the NFL, but it seems to me his first instinct when analyzing the game and players is to rip them mercilessly, often without merit, and it makes him come off as one of those “In my day” kind of guys. It’s a bit preachy and he comes off as a man who cannot accept that his time has passed.

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