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Best Idea Ever: Bob Knight To Be Guest Of Honor At Charity Roast

First things first, there are only two possible ways for a Bob Knight Roast to turn out:

  1. Bob Knight goes along with the bit, even decides to have a little fun at his own expense; or
  2. People will be shot.

Okay, that might be oversimplifying it just a bit, but really, who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?  Geniuses, that’s who!

From an AP report in USA Today:

Former Indiana players Isiah Thomas and Steve Alford are among the celebrities set to roast Bob Knight during a charity event.

Organizers say several rivals of the former Indiana coach also will speak at the Sept. 18 event at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond including Digger Phelps, Jud Heathcote and Johnny Orr.

Tickets will cost $50 to $500. The roast is a benefit for St. Joseph High School in suburban Chicago, which Thomas attended.

Oh, to see Isiah Thomas throw out zingers about his former coach and watching Knight pretend to smile while he turns three shades of red would truly be a delight, but I will tell you this: if they can’t figure out a way to get Gilbert Gottfried to make an appearance, the roast will end up being an abject failure. That Gilbert fella completely owns celebrity roasts.

Bob Knight returning to Indiana for charity roast [USA Today/AP]