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If This Headline Doesn’t Indicate A Botched Surgery, I’m Not Sure What Would

Hey, Fancy-Pants Surgeon Person: you’re doing it wrong! I’m no doctor, although I played one on TV – as a wee lad, I performed a one-man show¬† portraying Marcus Welby, M.D. while standing on top of my parents’ ginormous RCA television console (Get it? On TV? Ha!) – but I’m pretty sure when a surgeon is performing an appendectomy they should be nowhere near a person’s shin.

Ohhhh, so what you’re telling me is the person’s name who was operated on is Shin, not that somebody’s shin is on the mend? I get it. Weird name, Shin. But not as weird as the name of my morbidly obese third-grade art teacher, Miss Cankle.

Shin Is on the Mend After Appendectomy [On Par]