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Adam Schefter Is A Sycophantic Shill For ESPN As Well As A Colossal Moron

Screw the Miracle On Ice. Kirk Gibson’s dramatic home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series? Bah. Michael Jordan’s “The Shot” during Game 6 of the 1988 NBA Finals? Puh-leeze. There have been many dramatic, awe-inspiring moments – too many to count, really – but if you were to ask ESPN’s Adam Schefter, few sporting events will ever again captivate our collective imagination and sense of wonder and the belief that anything is possible than when LeBron James declares which team he intends to sign with when he makes his formal announcement on Thursday evening. That, my friends, is what sports memories are made of.

And would you look at that? It just so happens that said announcement by James will be made during a live special right there on the network that employs one Mr. Adam Schefter! What a kwinky-dink!

Come on, Schefter. Are you kidding me? Is it possible for you to be any more transparent regarding your motivations in tweeting this gigantic load of bullcrap? Total weaksauce, man. Who put you up to this? Norby? Yeah, I bet it was Norby.

Assuming that ordering various personalities to shill ESPN’s prime-time LeBron James Special came from someone up high at tWWL, here are some other potential tweets from various ESPN personalities regarding upcoming moments that just so happen to involve ESPN:

@Mike_Golic: Rip on it all you want, 2011’s ESPN The Weekend was one of those non-sports, but sports moments that will go down in infamy!

@Mel_Kiper_Jr: Debuting my brand new crew cut at the 2011 NFL Draft is sure to be one of the highlights in the history of mankind!

@Stu_Scott: Tonight on Monday Night Countdown, yours truly will take on that Juggs Machine again! It will be “must-see” TV! Holla!

@Hannah_Storm: Read my lips, @TonyK, I’m not wearing any underwear and I got a Brazilian – today, on a history-making edition of SportsCenter!

@Adam_Schefter (via @JimmyTraina)