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S.I. Writer Blows Lid Off LeBron Story By Revealing Nothing We Didn’t Already Know

We are reaching the stage of critical mass in LeBron James Free Agency speculation. If the far-flung, throwing-crap-at-the-wall-and-seeing-what-sticks gets any further out of hand, sportswriters are in great danger of creating a conjectural black hole which from we may never recover.

Look no further than well-respected and successful SI NBA writer Ian Thomsen. Even writers as accomplished as Thomsen have become so desperate to be the first person who “breaks” the news of where LeBron will end up or even be the one whose hypotheses turn out to be most accurate are pretty much just throwing crap out there just for the hell of it.

Here’s is what Thomsen informs us of in his column entitled, “My gut feeling: LeBron will have to choose among three teams.” The title alone should sufficiently warn you that his column is nothing but conjecture, but read on, according to the tea leaves which Thomsen is reading, this his how it might, just might, play out:

This is an attempt to make sense of the market, which has been boiled down to four big names remaining in the pot (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer), five teams with max cap space (Miami, New Jersey, Chicago, New York and the Clippers) as well as the franchise with the most to lose (Cleveland). With James not expected to make a decision until Wednesday night at the earliest, my reading is that he will be left to choose from as many as three compelling teams that clearly are offering him the best opportunity to win — and winning has always been the No. 1 criterion, according to James himself.

And here are the three teams Thomsen believes LeBron should choose from:

Team #1: Does LeBron stay in Cleveland?

Team #2: LeBron to Miami?

Team #3: LeBron to Chicago?

Essentially, Thomsen simply crossed off the Clippers, Knicks and Nets off his own list of potential landing spots for LeBron and made a column out of it. Of course, there is much more detail to it – and if you’re interested, Thomsen does make some compelling points. But ultimately what I am getting at is no matter what anyone thinks, until LeBron James signs a free agent contract, it’s all a moot point. Perhaps we should all take a deep breath, wait a goddamn week at the most and just see where he ends up.

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