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NOOOO!!! Shaun White Is Thinking About Cutting Off His Hair! Don’t Do It, Brah!

We haven’t heard much from Shaun White in some time, but I regret to say that his reappearance is under disconcerting circumstances. Setting the world of long red locks lovers into a frenzy, Shaun White uploaded the above photo depicting the snowboarder/entrepreneur contemplating getting a haircut to his Facebook page. In fact, 3,500 have responded to White’s musings. Excerpted from an AP report:

“I I don’t know …. Is it time?” reads the caption underneath the picture, added to the snowboarder’s page on Monday.

Others tell him to take it slow — maybe an inch or two at a time — while a few suggested he cut his hair and donate it to cancer patients. If he does go for the cut, he’ll get his $5 worth. His locks now extend down around his shoulder blades.

The long and short of it: Well, one fan suggests, “Cut it and see who your true fans are.”

Indeed. I imagine Shaun White’s enormous fan base is comprised by many clearheaded, rational people who will forever feel betrayed if Shaun White got a haircut. I mean, the nerve of the guy, right?

But if I may interject with my levelheaded opinion: Don’t do it , Shaun! Don’t even think about it! You cannot even begin to understand the enormity of what you are about to decide! What happens if you do it, you ask? You could lose all of your magical powers! You would be just like that guy in the Bible – oh, bloody hell, what was his name again? Oh yeah, Jesus!

Think about it, brah. Nobody wants to go out like the Jesus.

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