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‘Mr. Crumley, Do You Get Off On Red Panties Or Drunk Driving? No? You’re Hired!’

There may have been a little more to the interview process whereby University of Georgia President Michael Adams named Frank Crumley the interim athletic director to replace ousted drunky good time party guy Damon Evans, who recently resigned from the post of AD in a white-hot blaze of shame and red-pantied embarrassment, but my guess it did not require much more than that. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Adams also appointed a search committee to look for the new AD. Adams said it would not surprise him if the search takes six to 12 months.

Adams said the intention is to first look outside the UGA staff for Evans’ permanent successor, although he did not rule out Crumley and other current staffers from becoming candidates.

Crumley has been excutive [sic] associate athletics director under Evans and has gotten much credit for the department’s strong financial performance.

Best of luck to Mr. Crumley in his new capacity as interim athletic director, although one has to believe that the bar as to what is expected has got to be set pretty low at this point.

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