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Let’s Suckle At The Teat Of The Larissa Riquelme Pageview Boobnanza One Last Time

Hey, it is what it is…denying it doesn’t change the truth: Larissa Riquelme has indeed been a pageview boobnanza for many a sports blog. Why act like she wasn’t?

Given that I took yesterday off for some much needed rest and relaxation and some regrettable delirium tremens after a long holiday reason, I haven’t been able to address the disappointing outcome of the Spain vs. Paraguay match on Saturday. You see, Spain eliminated Paraguay by a score of 1-0 which unfortunately meant that Paraguay World Cup Hottie Superfan Larissa Riquelme would not be able to follow through on her promise to run naked through the streets of Paraguay if her beloved team won it all.

Of course, Larissa was very excited at the onset of the match and was jiggily optimistic that her squad could outplay the Spanish team (above). However, as the matched progressed and it appeared with every passing minute that a victory was not to be, she became quite sad and dejected, as evidenced by the below photos.


But what’s this? A new development, you say? All might not be lost and much to the delight of not only depressed and disappointed Paraguayans but internet horndoggers everywhere as well, Larissa is still going to strip down and prance about despite Paraguay’s loss? Happy days are here again, my friends!

‘It will be a present to all of the players, and for all the people in Paraguay to enjoy,’ she said.

‘They tried as hard as possible and gave it their all on the field.’

What a gal. Now if that’s not taking one for the team (so to speak, but my guess is she would be willing to take one from the team as well), I don’t know what is.

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