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Judge: ESPN Cannot Collect From Erin Andrews’ Stalker Money He Doesn’t Have

Bad news, ESPN: the legal maneuvering performed by your high-priced lawyers in an effort to force Erin Andrews’ stalker Michael David Barrett to foot any portion of the additional fees incurred in the wake of Peepholegate has been…JACKED UP!!

According to TMZ, a Judge ruled and issued an Order earlier this month which denied ESPN’s claims that they should be compensated by Barrett – who is currently in prison and probably up to his eyeballs in debt to his own attorneys – for the additional expenses it incurred due to the controversy.

Eloquently summarized by the scribes at TMZ:

TMZ broke the story back in May … ESPN wanted the government to force King Creepster to cover all of the network’s enormous expenses in the wake of the stalking scandal — mostly for extra security.

Barrett fired back weeks later, claiming he’s “virtually penniless” and shouldn’t have to foot the $327,442.27 bill for a third party.

According to the new docs filed in California District Court, the judge agreed — claiming “ESPN voluntarily paid all costs on behalf of direct victim Erin Andrews and restitution to ESPN is therefore not appropriate.”

Man, when is ESPN ever going to catch a break? Considering the dire economic straits ESPN probably finds itself in (yeah, right), without that reimbursement from Barrett that they were counting on, tWWL might have to go ahead and cancel the company Christmas party this year. At the same time, they were probably putting the kibosh on it anyway – liability issues due to a plethora of potential sexual harassment cases and whatnot.

Erin Andrews’ Stalker Off Hook for ESPN’s $300K Bill [TMZ]
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