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Good Thing 8-Year-Old Autograph Hound Did Not Ask Tiger Woods About His Private Life

First of all, that would have been horribly awkward for everyone involved. Secondly, she probably wouldn’t have landed that coveted autograph she was after.

Pictured above is eight-year-old Ava Mulhall, an incredibly courageous little girl who braved a sound tasering by breaking through security in order to obtain the autograph of her hero, Tiger Woods, during the JP McManus Celebrity Pro-Am at the Adare Manor golf course in Limerick, Ireland.

Via The Sun:

Little Ava, who has been playing golf for over a year, already had her card signed by 19 other big-name players.

After bagging Tiger’s autograph, she said: “I’m delighted and I’m very proud.”

Father Colin, a tax consultant, admitted he gave his daughter a little advice before she breached the security lines.

“I told her to run like hell, smile politely and say ‘thank you’,” he said.

Thankfully, everything appeared to work out splendidly, but as I mentioned above, who knows what sort of terrible incident might have occurred if little Ava had taken the one-on-one moment with the golfer to ask him questions about his personal life, something that didn’t go over too well during Tiger’s press conference, as Woods became a bit perturbed and provided only terse responses the line of questioning regarding his personal life from some of the reporters (once again, via The Sun):

When asked why he would not be practising any links golf before next week’s Open at St Andrews, Woods replied: “Because I need to go home.”

And when quizzed if that was due to “personal stuff” Woods glared before abruptly answering: “To see my kids.”

The 34-year-old was also asked if he felt his misdemeanours had been worth it given his relatively poor form since returning to the game.

He replied: “I think you are reading too deep into this.

“Golf is something I have done for a very long time and there are times in one’s life when things get put into perspective.

“One was when my father passed away, and also what I have been going through lately.

I guess that if you were to read into these two events and attempt to come out with one all-encompassing conclusion, this would have to be it:

If some news agency really wants Tiger to open up and answer some tough questions about his personal life, they would be well-served to hire an ambitious elementary school student with an interest in journalism to do all the investigative legwork. Child labor laws be damned, I say.

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