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She Sure Got A Purty Mouth: A Study Of Larissa Riquelme’s ‘Open Wide’ Photo Pose

Holy ginormous mouth, Paraguyan World Cup Hottie Superfan! Now that’s a mouth you can set your watch to. Or something.

With the world breathless and the internets blue-balled with anticipation over whether or not Larissa Riquelme will be able to grip firmly, yet sensually, onto her 15 minutes of global fame for a bit longer, I would like to take a moment to point out something I found particularly interesting regarding many of the photos of the lovely Riquelme contained in a recent gallery published by News of the World:

No, it’s not her boobs.

Okay, it is her boobs, too, but there is something else as well. Her proclivity for being photographed with her mouth wide open, like she’s about ready to engorge herself on a, um, something large – let’s just go with a five dollar foot long and leave it at that, okay? Granted, these photos are what they call in the photography business as “candids” (I believe they are called “She Doesn’t Even Know I’m Taking These Photos” in the Photostalker Voyeurism business, but that’s another story for another day), so Senora Larissa can’t be entirely blamed for the fact that she is frequently photographed with her mouth agape, her breasts a-heaving and her cell phone a-smooshing.

But I digress. Originally, as the title of this post suggests, this was supposed to be only a photographic study into the Larissa Riquelme Open Mouth Photo Phenomenon, but the other non-open-mouthed photos which made up the site’s gallery were too good to pass up, so I included them as well. I imagine you folks won’t mind that I did.

So, am I correct in assuming that I know what we all should be pulling for after looking at these photos?

No, not sexual gratification, you sickos. A victory for Paraguay tomorrow in their Round Of Eight match against Spain, of course! Sometimes, you people…jeez.

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