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Just Doing My Best To Keep You Up-To-Date On Paris Hilton’s World Cup Slutfari

Earlier this week, the Sportress had a somewhat off topic story regarding a photo Paris Hilton uploaded to Twitpic of her sitting on a buttload of luggage as she prepared to embark on a trip to South Africa for the World Cup. I cleverly came up with term “whoredrobe” to describe the sheer volume of baggage the hotel heiress was bringing along for her trip. And I am extremely proud of myself for coining that term. But now I have a new word that bastardizes a relatively benign word with no negative connotation with a word used typically to define a woman of loose morals:


I have been keeping a casual eye on Hilton’s activities as she made her was south of the Equator by way of the photos she has been uploading, like the one above which originally roused my interest. Below you will find eight additional photos that Miss Hilton has uploaded to her Twitpic account as a means of keeping us apprised of how her slutfari to South Africa has been going.

Paris Hilton’s Description: This Private Jet takes Huge to Another Level. Loves it!

Weed’s Comment: Fair enough. My guess is Paris certainly knows huge. Otherwise it’s just like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

Paris Hilton’s Description: At The World Cup with @CamRaFace

Weed’s Comment: Not as nasty and inappropriate as the Hilton photo with the caption: “At Disney World with @ManRamMyFace.”

Paris Hilton’s Description: Paris the Pilot 😉

Weed’s Comment: More like Paris the Harlot, amirite?


Paris Hilton’s Description: Love The World Cup!

Weed’s Comment: Can newspapers get VD?

Paris Hilton’s Description: With my girls @MissKaylaHunt AKA @ParisHilton_Fan and @Ms_Logan_Hunt at the game!

Weed’s Comment: Paris’ inner monologue: “I bet this is what Jesus felt like when he hung out and cured those sick people. What are they called again? Oh yeah – the leopards.”

I’ll admit, this was pretty much a complete waste of time and a useless exercise, but at least you learned a few new words, right? Feel free to use “whoredrobe” and “slutfari” at your leisure. But be sure to shoot me an e-mail to let me know you are using it so I can give you my PayPal account information. How else are you going to pay me?

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