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At Least La Russa Didn’t Call Pujols A Lazy Immigrant For Skipping Home Run Derby

Hey, don’t you get all pissy at me for that headline. In light of Tony LaRussa’s support of Arizona’s new immigration laws, it was at least within the realm of possibility. Okay, maybe it wasn’t, but it was kind of funny right? Just so you know, satire is like gossamer and one doesn’t dissect gossamer. Not buying it? How about it is merely a commentary on contemporary mores? A slice of life? Pun? Vorshtein? None of those either, huh? Tough crowd.

Moving on, not only does Cardinals manager Tony La Russa not mind that Albert Pujols is opting to skip the Home Run Derby on July 15th, in light of the slugger’s experiences at last year’s Derby when the All-Star Game and its accompanying festivities were held in St. Louis, as well asĀ  Pujols’ nagging injuries thus far this season, he wholeheartedly supports the decision.

Via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

“He’s a smart guy. He’s paid his dues to Major League Baseball,” said La Russa, suggesting that others serve as a centerpiece for this year’s competition. “Last year was a fine example. He was so beat up when that All-Star break came. He did everything. He showed up early. He stayed late. Let somebody else carry the burden. A lot of guys would say no. I would say no.”

Fair enough. I personally believe the Home Run Derby is a pretty lame exercise in uselessness, and it gets worse with every passing year. Why do I want to spend three hours watching guys take a bunch of pitches just to see them jack a few out in a meaningless exhibition? Not to mention having to listen to profusely-perspiring Berman bloviate again this year as he goes with his trademark “Back back back back back – that one ended up at (insert obscure reference to a locale miles away from the stadium where the event is being held here)!!!”

Speaking of the tWWL leader, La Russa, who apparently is beginning to enjoy playing the maverick and shooting from the hip with every occasion a microphone is shoved in his face, even added a subtle jab at ESPN’s role in the ridiculousness of the Home Run Derby:

“I’m just irritated by how much attention the (Derby) gets,” La Russa said. “It’s like a big show, and the game is an afterthought, which is totally ESPN.”

Ha. Well crafted, Tony. I will certainly throw my support behind that sentiment. Obviously, La Russa also heard the rumor that ESPN hires illegal aliens to wax Berman’s back and asscrack. It’s true. I read it on the internet.

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