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Brett Favre Spotted Just Having Fun Out There Tossing Around Pigskin With H.S. Team

Like the sparrows returning to Capistrano, the summer solstice and yours truly coming up with terrible analogies, Brett Favre tossing the old pigksin around with some local high school kids is developing into a summer routine you can count on with complete confidence.

Much like he did last July (above) while the world waited with bated breath as the Gunslinger contemplated his fourth un-retirement, Brett Favre is once again working out the kinks in his 40-year-old body by playing catch with the Oak Grove high school football team in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

So, you know what this all means: little Timmy McCoy from down the street will have to run down the block and fire up the old John Deere to take care of any yardwork on Favre’s palatial estate, because it is now a sure thing that Favre will return for one more go round with the Minnesota Vikings. That’s a guarantee. Maybe. Probably. Could happen. It’s likely, but maybe not definitely. We’ll see.

Via Access Vikings:

Nevil Barr, the coach at Oak Grove, said that Favre was on the field Thursday morning throwing passes to the high school receivers. According to Barr, Favre began making occasional appearances at the high school to throw shortly after he underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle in late May.

“His arm is great like always,” Barr told the Star Tribune. “As far as how his ankle is I haven’t heard him say anything about it. We don’t ask him a whole lot on that.”

Barr said he and his players don’t ask Favre a lot of questions about whether he will return, although they are hoping he spends another season in Minnesota.

“We hope he keeps playing just because I enjoy watching the NFL when he’s playing and so do all the kids,” Barr said. “We will support him on whatever he wants to do. But we like and respect him and don’t ask what he’s going to do. We know he’ll make the best decision for himself and his family and his team.”

Indeed he will, Coach Barr. Indeed he will. Obviously, as a Vikings fan, I have likely been paying closer attention to this summer’s Favreapalooza tour than most of you, and just allow me to let you know that you can seek comfort in the fact that this is likely the last summer you will have to go through the Favreian subterfuge and psychological warfare. That’s a guarantee. Maybe. Probably. Could happen. It’s likely, but maybe not definitely. We’ll see.

How about we go with at least until next February? That’s the best I can do for you guys.

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