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Vuvuzelas Replace Shrieking Babies As Prevailing Irritant On World Cup Flights

A disconcerting tidbit courtesy of Los Angeles Times writer Grahame L. Jones’ travelogue regarding the uncomfortable conditions which must have been part and parcel of flights making their way out of South Africa. Apparently, the ear-splitting conditions on some flights had gotten so bad that airlines, as part of their pre-flight safety demonstrations, found it necessary to include this what should be completely unnecessary caveat right before informing you to enjoy your trip:

Stop honking that goddamn, migraine-inducing vuvuzela, ya damn ingrates!

In any event, the trip had another unique aspect, not one you would find on a flight to, say, Whitefish, Mont., or points east.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said the flight attendant during the takeoff ritual, “just a note to tell you that the blowing of the vuvuzelas is not permitted during the flight.”

Enough is enough, members of the Royally Annoying Order of Vuvuzela Blowers: people not only in South Africa attending the matches but those of us trying to enjoy the World Cup on television have been forced to tolerate the infernal racket emitted from those blasted plastic instruments, but if these morons even think for one second that someone about to spend 12 hours on a flight from South Africa to their ultimate destination while some inconsiderate jerk toots their own horn, so to speak, my guess is these ill-informed and incredibly rude passengers will find it difficult to sit down for the remainder of their flight with a vuvuzela crammed squarely up their ass.

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