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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute?

• The word on the street is its official: Tiger and Elin are divorced. Elin is reportedly set to receive $750 million. Hoo-ah! [Out of Bounds]

• Ian Poultier withdrew from the Pro-Am event at the French Open due to a friggin’ bug bite. Seriously? [Wei Under Par]

• Some possible alternative questions from Vanity Fair dickbag for his interview with Erin Andrews. [TAUNTR]

• My pals over at MYFO might be just about ready to jump on this whole new social media craze. [Melt Your Face Off]

• Not only did Jonathan Toews have to go through all that awkwardness with Miley Cyrus at the MuchMusic Awards, he later had to hang out with that Snooki creature from Jersey Shore. [The Sporting Blog]

• Englishman vs. Vuvuzela Beer Bong: WHO YA GOT? [Busted Coverage]

• Sweet Jesus no: after retiring from CNN, Larry King would like to try his hand at something in baseball, perhaps for the MLB Network. [Larry Brown Sports]

• In his own unique and highly entertaining way, General Tao enlightens us all with his World Cup Round Up. [Food Court Lunch]

• Those Japanese soccer fans sure know what it takes to decorate your head properly. [Joe Sports Fan]

• Some super mean lady is allegedly suing the Phillie Phanatic. [The700Level]

• Scottie Pippen may be a lot of things, like ugly, but one thins he isn’t is good with money. [With Leather]

• Anyone else not buying Tiger’s claims that his relationship with Steve Williams is all good? [Devil Ball Golf]

The Onion Headline of the Day, Part II: America’s Sweetheart Dumps U.S. For Some Douchebag

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