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ESPN NBA Analyst Ric Bucher Might Want To Stop Discussing The Cincinnati Bengals

Being a native of Cincinnati who probably hasn’t stepped foot in the city in 25 years, ESPN NBA analyst Ric Bucher likes to think he knows a thing or two about the Cincinnati Police Department and its interactions with the city’s resident football team, the Bengals.

Unfortunately, Ric – that’s without a “k” mind you – should probably do a bit more research about issues beyond his realm of expertise before proceeding to stick his foot in his mouth while appearing on nationally broadcast radio programs.Or at the very least, get his facts straight before condemning an entire city’s police force by insinuating that they are a corrupt, vindictive organization gunning for high profile arrests.

While discussing Bengals running back Cedric Benson’s arrest, Bucher pontificated on how the Cincinnati PD has it out for Bengals players and that for this reason alone is the likely cause for the troubled running back’s most recent run in with the law. Courtesy of Pro Football Talk:

“I’m a Cincinnati native,” Bucher said on ESPN Radio Wednesday morning. “The reputation that the Bengals have is, I believe — there are extenuating circumstances there.”

When co-host Erik Kuselias asked Bucher to elaborate, he said the police in Cincinnati are targeting athletes.

“The relationship in Cincinnati between the police and the professional athletes is challenging, I would say,” Bucher said. “I believe there is a little bit of targeting that goes on there.”

Bucher did, however, go on to say that he wasn’t defending Benson in this particular case, in which he was arrested for assault in Austin, Texas.

“If I’m not mistaken, it didn’t happen in Cincinnati, so my whole argument goes out the window with this one,” Bucher said.

Ouch. Sorry Ric, you have lost this game, but we have some wonderful parting gifts for you and remember to neuter your pets, kind of like the state you left yourself in after not looking before you leaped into the madcap world of multiple arrests of NFL players.

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