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Ashley Cole Now Hates England As Much As Getting Caught Cheating On His Hot Wife

To be honest, I know very little about this Ashley Cole chap, but I can tell you this: I have little sympathy for a guy who would be arrogant and moronic enough to cheat on the gorgeous Cheryl Cole. I also realize that as England World Cup squad slinks home with its tail between its legs after a profoundly disappointing performance in South Africa, now is probably not the best time for the above little nugget to surface.

Cole probably wishes he hadn’t entered in “I hate England and the f*****g people!!!” as the status message on his BlackBerry moments before jetting off to Austria for England’s pre-World Cup training camp. I imagine the feeling might be mutual.

Of course, this wasn’t meant for the prying eyes of the public, but in this day and age, Cole should exhibit a little more technological savvy and realize that more often than not, those who should not see something like this end up seeing it. Now, the surly Cole will face another s**tstorm from an even surlier soccer-loving England.

Can’t say the bloke doesn’t deserve everything bad that’s coming to him. The guy actually cheated on Cheryl-freaking-Cole, for crying out loud. In fact, he deserves worse than what is in store. Much, much worse.

And Cheryl – my offer still stands – that book of Love Coupons I mailed to you does not have an expiration date. Call me!

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