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Off Topic: Commence Meaty Drunkenness – Company Released Bacon-Flavored Vodka

Best idea ever or BEST IDEA EVAR?

I cannot believe I didn’t hear about this a year ago when it was initially released, but a news report of an Alaskan distillery releasing a salmon-flavored vodka mentioned that Seattle-based Black Rock Spirits has had a bacon-flavored vodka, conveniently named Bakon, out on the market for some time now. Genius!

From Black Rock Spirits website:

Around the world today, high-end lounges are serving a variety of “carnivorous cocktails.” The best mixologists are like chefs behind the bar and they don’t want to be limited to standard fruit-flavored infusions. These bartenders have found that the savory aspect of bacon makes a great dominant profile in a cocktail like a Bakon martini with a blue cheese-stuffed olive. But it can also take the back seat, with bacon’s smoky flavor subtly enhancing the taste in a concoction like a Chocolate Martini.

Mmmmm…bacon intoxication…

If you are having difficulty wrapping your brain and taste buds around the idea of a bacon-flavored vodka, try this Bloody Mary recipe on for size:

• 1½ oz. Bakon Vodka in a pint glass filled with ice.
• Fill glass with tomato juice
• 1 dash each of celery salt and ground black pepper
• 2-4 dashes each of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco
• 1/8 tsp. horseradish

Shake and pour into a salt rimmed pint glass. Garnish with a celery stalk and your favorite pickled vegetables.

That sounds good. I’ll have that. There are many more drool-inducing drink recipes where that came from, too.  Now, I’m no mixologist nor am I a dietician or culinary wizard, but I do know one thing for certain: bacon makes everything better. Even your chronic alcoholism.

Move over fruit, meat-flavored vodkas moving in [AP]