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Erin Andrews To Remain ESPN’s Sashaying Sideline Reporter For Years To Come

Yay! College football players better continue to work on their Rey Maualuga-inspired dance moves, because USA Today‘s Michael Hielstand, perhaps the most plugged-in sports media journalist in the business, just broke the story that Erin Andrews, whose current contract with ESPN was set to expire in mere days, has reportedly signed a multi-year contract extension with tWWL. Even better, Hielstand got the scoop from none other than ESPN Vice President Norby(!) Williamson himself. Norby(!) declined to discuss specifics, but did go on record to say that he hopes “to have a deal done soon.”

Finally, our long, gut-wrenching, national nightmare has now passed and we can confidently feel that things will slowly return to a sense of normalcy now that Andrews is back in the fold. Great news indeed. And I know one guy who let out a huge sigh of relief:

Well, it was either that or he was breathing heavily out of his mouth. One of the two. And if I could, allow me to add that hands down the above image is one of the best Erin Andrews photos ever. The composition is breathtaking.

Erin Andrews staying at ESPN [Game On!]