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And Now, Your World Cup-Predicting Octopus Oracle Soothsaying Update

Last week, the Sportress regaled you readers with the intriguing story of Paul the Octopus Oracle. As you might recall, Paul was born in England and currently lives in an aquarium in Germany. Prior to the World Cup match between Germany and England, Paul predicted that Germany would reign supreme by way of bypassing the mussel in the container with England’s flag and instead opted to feast on the mussel in the tank with Germany’s flag in it as well. But Paul’s work is not done yet. Up next: Germany vs. Argentina.

Of course, we all know now that the Octopus Oracle was spot on in its prediction, making him four-for-four in predicting the outcomes of Germany’s World Cup matches, which is certainly not an encouraging development for Diego Maradona and his squad, as Paul once again picked Germany, this time to be victorious in their match against Argentina, but not without much arm-wringing and consternation did Paul arrive at his most recent psychic prediction, not to mention that his soothsaying is now becoming a source of controversy. Via a Reuters report on Yahoo!:

“It took Paul a really long time to make up his mind today for the Argentina-Germany match,” said Sea Life spokeswoman Tanja Munzig. “Even after he opened the Germany container it took him a while to go in and eat the clam.”

Munzig said, by contrast, it took Paul only seconds to decide before the England match to go for the Germany container.

“That it took him so long to make up his mind suggests it’ll be a very tense match against Argentina that won’t be decided until the very end — maybe not even until penalties,” she said.

Munzig also denied any suggestion the containers were rigged. The morsel of food is identical and the containers are lined up in the same order as FIFA. Argentina was on the left side on Tuesday (because the match is Argentina-Germany) whereas England was on the right last week (Germany-England).

“There are no tricks, the food is the same and everything in the two containers is the same except for the flags,” she said.

So how does Paul do it?

“That’s his secret,” she said.

Ancient octopus secret, huh? Paul must be the Mr. Lee of psychic octopi or something.

There is no video at this point of Paul’s prediction of the Germany-Argentina match, but below is video of him selecting Germany over England.

Crazy stuff, man. I don’t pretend to understand how this psychic stuff works, but it’s hard to argue with Paul’s methods.

Psychic Octopus picks Germany to beat Argentina [Yahoo!/Reuters]
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