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According To This Tweet, Justin Morneau Is A Member Of Justin Bieber’s ‘Wolfpack’

Yeah, I’m sure Morneau is thrilled to know that in light of this tweet from the Bieberster, that he appears to have captured the faney of the gender-bending tween queen. No way. That chick’s a dude? No kidding? Huh. And what exactly does membership in Justin Bieber’s Wolfpack entail? On second thought, let’s forget I even brought that up. Some things aren’t best left unknown, for many reasons.

Perhaps a little backstory from your resident Minnesota sports blogger is in order here: Justin Bieber, the “singer,” is in Minneapolis tonight for a sold-out shriek-inducing concert at Target Center and Justin Morneau, the baseball player, is also in Minneapolis tonight as the Twins take on the Tigers across the street from Target Center at Target Field. Apparently, this Bieber lad is quite astute at making simplistic connections, as he quickly realized, likely without any help from his handlers, manager or mommy, that:

  1. Both he and Morneau hail from Canada;
  2. Both he and Morneau just so happen to have the first name Justin; and
  3. Both he and Morneau, like billions of other people on this planet, like McDonald’s. Although my guess is Bieber arrived at this conclusion due to the fact that Morneau took a buttload of money from the fast food giant to appear in some radio and television commercials (one of which can be found after the jump) – which doesn’t necessarily mean that Morneau actually likes McDonald’s, just that he is willing to take fat stacks of cash from them to shill their product.

Fascinating stuff, indeed. Even more fascinating? An estimated 55,000 people will be invading downtown Minneapolis tonight to create the be all, end all, of downtown traffic jam clusterfu**cks. And hey, guess what? Yours truly will be in attendance to take in the show tonight in Minneapolis.

No, you jerks – I’m going to the Twins game. Like I would be caught dead at a Justin Bieber concert. Do you have any idea how much tickets for that show were going for? Lots.