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With Hammer In The House, The Cincinnati Reds Are Set To Party Like It’s 1990

Shoulda been you, Young MC.

To commemorate their 1990 World Series title, the Cincinnati Reds have thawed rapper MC Hammer from his cryogenic state and will have him perform tonight at the Great American Ball Park before the Reds take on the Colorado Rockies. Apparently, the ’90 Reds team adopted Hammer’s titular jam “U Can’t Touch This” as their anthem, which surprises me as there were so many other great songs from 1990 they otherwise could have adopted. “Hold On,” by Wilson Phillips, for instance, given its message of positivity and how it demonstrates that by including the fat sister of one of the girls in the group makes the already attractive women also in the band exponentially hotter. I’m not sure how that applies to baseball, but there’s a life lesson in there somewhere…between the rolls.

So, if you happen to be in Cincinnati tonight, why don’t you head on over to the Great American Ball Park and take in a little 1990s nostalgia. No, I’m not talking about MC Hammer, I am of course referring to the Reds actually fielding a competitive team.

Word to your mother.

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