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Psychic Cephalopod Sees Soccer Scores, Predicts Germany Over England

Earlier today, Paul, the so-called “Octopus Oracle” who was born in England and currently resides in an aquarium in Germany, set his conflicts of interest aside and predicted the outcome of the match between England and Germany in the knockout round of the World Cup, picking Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Paul has correctly picked the outcome of Germany’s three previous matches during Group D play.

The method by which Paul “selects” the winner of a match is his caretakers at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen put two glass cases in his tank each containing a mussel and a flag representing each country participating. Whichever case Paul opens first is his prediction. Via Reuters Africa:

Paul moved quickly and opened the box with the Germany flag, a selection that soon made it into national news broadcasts across Germany. Paul was born in Weymouth, England.

“Paul went rather quickly for the Germany flag,” said Sea Life spokeswoman Tanja Munzig. “He’s got a 100-percent average in the World Cup so far. At the Euro in 2008 he got it right for four out of Germany’s five matches.”

Not too shabby. And it’s a good thing, too. Paul is in deep with some rather unsavory gentlemen due to his questionable gambling practices. It would be nice to see him get in the black (ink) for a change before the collectors are dispatched to come and break one of his arms – or all eight of them, for that matter. And what good is an octopus with eight broken arms? He would be pretty much like one of those Wacky WallWalkers – and  all know how useless those pieces of crap were after about two throws.

Oracle Octopus picks Germany to beat England at Cup [Reuters Africa]