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No Ifs, Ands Or But(t)s: Photos Of Playmate Showing Her USA Support Are Cracktastic

Gotta support the team, amirite? Especially when it comes to the United States World Cup squad and even more so when it involves some incredibly alluring honey showing off the goods.

Courtesy of the fine, fine fellows over at Busted Coverage comes the above photo of Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon casually going out to retrieve her newspaper while wearing a Team USA jacket but sans anything covering her bottom. And by “sans anything covering her bottom,” I mean she is literally wearing nothing south of the equator.

Un-freaking-believable, right? Borderline ass-inine, if you ask me. Who knew that a Playboy Playmate would know how to read?

Busted Coverage has some relatively NSFW photos which shows Karissa’s full moon – so to speak – goodness. It’s worth a looksee, so if you have to wait to get home from work, make yourself a mental note so not to forget. Like that’s going to happen.

NSFW (Butt Shots): World Cup Naked Chicks: Karissa Shannon’s Now Infamous Team USA Ass Shots [Busted Coverage]