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It’s Funny Because Headline Writers For ESPN MediaZone Know Seth Meyers Is On SNL

In case you hadn’t heard, Saturday Night Live head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Myers has been given the dubious honor of being hand-picked by the brain wizards at ESPN to host the 2010 ESPYs on July 14th at 9:00 ET (set your DVRs!).

Above is the press release issued on April 13th announcing that they somehow snagged Myers and got him to agree to hosting this televised atrocity, and as you can plainly see, the headline writer had a little fun riffing on Myers’ claim to fame in order to get the word out. But where it gets interesting (not really) is that another press release was issued earlier today regarding the news that Myers recently spent some time in Bristol where he got to check out ESPN 3D. You’ll never guess what the headline to this little news nugget was…

Ha! Here, let me get in on the fun!

  • Live…from Seth Myers’ agents office…it’s “Your outta a job for allowing me to sign on to host this mess!”
  • Live…from Norby Williamson‘s office…it’s “Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one!”
  • Live…from my living room on July14th…it’s “Weed not watching the ESPYs and instead opts for a documentary on vasectomies on the Discovery Channel!”
  • Live…from Stuart Scott’s optometrist’s office…”BOO-YAH!!”

Okay, the last one really doesn’t belong, but my psychic adviser suggested I do everything in fours, so if you’ll excuse me it’s time for another quart of vodka.

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