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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute?

• The John Wall Dance is a big hit among professional athletes who play in D.C. [Out of Bounds]

• Groovy. It’s time for another episode of “Timmy and Bus.” [TAUNTR]

• It’s true, precision golf cart driving is very important to the future of our planet. [Devil Ball Golf]

• When NHL fans and Twilight fans collide. [Puck Daddy]

• Now here’s a female reporter who knows her stuff. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Wii Yoga + Playboy models = Yes. [Total Pro Sports]

• Here are proposed nicknames for all 60 NBA draftees. [Ball Don’t Lie]

• The Fan billboard crusade is now after Lane Kiffin. [The Sporting Blog]

• If the divorce settlement numbers are accurate, Tiger could be headed to the poorhouse. [Waggle Room]

The Onion Headline of the Day, Part II: NHL Loses Rights To, Moves Website To