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Wake N’ Blog: Putting Margarine Instead Of Butter In Mac And Cheese? Don’t Think So!

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• A 21-year-old man and his 17-year-old sister got into a brawl recently after she intended on putting butter in the macaroni and cheese they were making instead of margarine. The brother claimed his sister tried to cut his neck with the serrated edge of a spatula. I have to agree with the sister: no self-respecting cook would ever use margarine in any recipe when butter is available, and that’s a fact, Jack! [Yahoo!/AP]

• C-c-c-c-cat fight! Kobe Bryant’s wife reportedly hates Khloe Kardashian. Join the group, honey. [Out of Bounds]

• Odd combination: hot chick watching World Series of Poker while her slovenly boyfriend picks his nose. [Busted Coverage]

• Tiki Barber’s wife wants to get paid. I don’t blame her. That poor woman actually had to have sex with that dickbag. [With Leather]

• The top 10 benefits to the U.S. moving on in the World Cup. [Five Tool Tool]

• The 25 worst NBA Draft suits ever. Yowsers. [Guyism]

• To broaden your horizons, here are some NBA Draft-themed sports haikus. [You Been Blinded]

• The residents of Lincoln, Nebraska: HUGE fans of the World Cup. No, really. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Holy crap, what is the deal with that match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut? I haven’t exercised in the past year as long as they have been playing. [The Sporting Blog]

• Meet Ron Artest’s shrink: Helen Mirren. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

• Hey look! Big Ben showed up at a kid’s football camp! [Mondesi’s House]

• An oldie, but a goodie: Play Tiger Woods off, Keyboard Cat. [Waggle Room]

• Here’s more video of New York Giants players getting hit in the face with balls. [Sports Pickle]

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