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Mama Mia! Italian Fans Don’t Look Too Happy (Even While Wearing Ginormous Afro Wig)

I Didn't Know Lenny Kravitz's Drummer Was Italian

Being of Irish-Italian descent, I can somewhat sympathize with my paisanos (in a manner of speaking, of course) after their beloved Azzurri squad crapped the bed and were eliminated during the group stage of the World Cup after losing to Slovakia (Slovakia!) 3-2 earlier today. With Italia’s elimination, this World Cup marks the first time ever the two finalists from the preceding World Cup tournament were ousted during group play.

And it wasn’t just the fans in the stands who were suffering: the players and Italy’s coach, Marcello Lippi, were in disbelief on the pitch as well (via the Los Angeles Times):

The moment had Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon holding his head in his hands in disbelief. Buffon had to watch the match in growing frustration from the bench after being sidelined by a back injury in the opener.

On the field, forward Fabio Quagliarella was in tears. Lippi was too angry or embarrassed to stick around. He stalked off the field and into the waiting torture of the postgame press conference.

Once there, he regained his composure and his dignity. Unlike his French counterpart, Raymond Domenech, Lippi was ready to accept the blame.

“I take full responsibility,” he said. “If the squad went out with fear in their legs and hearts, it means the coach did not prepare the match well tactically or psychologically.”

Harsh, dude. But as I mentioned above, I can only somewhat sympathize with my Italian brethren, because when you are sitting on photos like the one after the jump, you cannot help but feel pretty good that you aren’t feeling like these sorry sacks.

Sweet mercy. Even Robert John thinks these two look pathetic. And hey, Papa, for the sake of your son and his only chance to not grow up like a pansy, in the immortal words of Vito Corelone, “YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!”

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