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Drew Carey Cracks ‘Joke’ About World Cup Ref, Confirms He’s Still An Unfunny Hack

I still do not understand how Drew Carey took an unfunny, hackneyed shtick and parlayed it into a successful comedy series and then managed to turn that into becoming Bob Barker’s replacement on The Price is Right, but I do understand why it is lame when I guy who claims to be a comedian needs to scrape the bottom of the barrel to crack and go with one of the most clichéd and overplayed bits simply to take a potshot at a person. And while I admire his passion for the sport (he’s co-owner of the MLS Seattle Sounders FC) and interest in promoting soccer here in the States, going with the lowest common denominator should be beneath a guy of his stature.

Case in point: Carey, while what I assume was one of his so-called comedy routines in front of 700 Americans during a barbecue at the U.S. Embassy over in South Africa, went with the tired “the referee is blind” bit when he blasted inept referee Koman Coulibaly, the Malian moron who jacked the U.S. by waving off Maurice Adu’s tiebreaking goal against Slovenia. Via The Full 90:

“He’ll be flying home to meet his guide dog and everything is going to be fine,” said Carey, host of the game show “The Price is Right.”

Wah-wah-wahhhhhh…get it? The referee is blind! That’s why he needs a seeing-eye dog! Isn’t it ridiculous that FIFA would employ a blind man to referee a World Cup soccer match? It’s redonkulous, that’s what it is, I tell ya!

Come on, Drew, even if I’m personally not a fan of your style, you’re still better than that. Pick it up, dude. If you don’t, before you know it, you’ll find yourself writing half-assed “jokes” on some crappy sports blog. I guess that would mean me and Drew would at least have something in common, which is good.

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