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Wake N’ Blog: Crikey! Two Drunken Australian Mates Shoot Each Other In The Buttocks For The Fun Of It

Wake N’ Blog is the Sportress of Blogitude’s Perkin Medal-winning morning link dump, because it is all about chemistry, baby. Send tips, links and complaints to And once again be sure to check out weedtubeage all this week for videos from Off With Their Heads, a kick-ass punk band recently signed to Epitaph Records.

• We’ve all been there before – you and a couple of buddies are tipping back a few cold ones when one of you come up with a brilliant idea: “Hey! I got a gun! Let’s shoot each other in the ass to see what happens!” Real smart. Granted, it was an air rifle, but they wound up requiring medical treatment. “The men were sharing a few beers on Sunday evening when they thought it would be interesting to see if they shot one another with an air rifle, if it would penetrate their skin or it would hurt,” a police spokesman said. They should have thrown another shrimp on the barbie. G’day, mate! Crocodile Dundee. Dingo ate your baby and whatnot. That’s all I got. [Yahoo!/AFP]

• Celebrity Celtics fans bought an ad in the paper. Thanks, celebrities! You’re just like us, but with money to buy ads in newspapers! [With Leather]

• USA vs. Algeria-themed sports haiku. [You Been Blinded]

• The top 10 reasons to hate Algeria. [Five Tool Tool]

• Hilarious Czech rugby commercial making fun of soccer players. [Out of Bounds]

• Sexy Asian women with painted-on World Cup jerseys. Nice. [Total Pro Sports]

• International Granny Fighting is the latest craze. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Ty Lawson has come out and denied that he was responsible for the Kardashian-related tweets from his account the other night. Liar. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Dancing weatherman celebrating Lakers victory. Pretty fly for a white guy. Okay, not really. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

• Graeme McDowell just won the U.S. Open and he still had to hang out with the douchetards from that show on HBO. You know the one, with the douchetards in it? [Waggle Room]

• If the Yankees had used their forgotten mascot, they could have changed their names to the Dandies, which would have been cool…for people who hate the Yankees. [TAUNTR]

• My pals over at FHF go off on a worthwhile rant regarding the Hockey Hall of Fame. [Four Habs Fan]

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